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You are wise to come to your foot care professional with you foot problems. You feet are the only pair you will ever have and it's a good idea to take care of them.

Most people come to their Foot Care Professional because they have foot pain that is the result of faulty relationships between the bones and the muscles of your foot. When the bones and muscles of the foot are not lined up properly, any number of problems can result, such as pronation, flat feet, persistent ankle sprains, bunions, corns, callouses....and pain.

Each of these problems has a different cause. But they can all be treated with prescription orthotics.


"Well, you may think of them as "arch supports". But they are really much, much more than that. Prescription orthotics are custom-made from high impact plastics, designed to correct your particular foot problems. And that's the most important feature of prescription orthotics. Just as no two feet are exactly alike, no two prescription orthotics are exactly alike. The problems of two separated pairs of feet may be similar, but the solutions to the problems may be very different.


First, your Foot Care Professional does a complete examination and diagnosis of your particular foot problem. Then he makes a plaster impression of your feet held in the correct position. Your plaster casts are sent to an orthotic laboratory where they are used to produce your orthotics to your Foot Care Professional's specifications. At the laboratory, special sponge padding, heel lifts, or built-up areas may be added to the orthotics on your Foot Care Professional's recommendations.


Orthotics are made to fit comfortably in your shoes and be worn at all times. As you foot rests comfortably on the orthotic, it is gently and consistently forced into the correct position for walking, running and standing. Pressure points, improper rotation of the foot, painful muscle strain - all are eliminated because your foot is functioning properly.


Orthotics are so comfortable and help you foot work so naturally that you will not want to stop wearing them. Orthotics do not cure your foot problem, any more than glasses cure your vision problems. Orthotics modify the function of your foot as long as you continue to wear them. Remember, your feet are the foundation for your entire body. They do an awful lot of work each day. Even the slightest mis-alignment of the bones and muscles can cause a lot of discomfort. Often, back and neck pain are the result of foot problems. Obtaining and consistently wearing prescription orthotics can be the best investment you can made in your overall well-being.

Orthotics are made by prescription only and designed for your particular foot problem.

Warning! Many imitations are sold over the counter by sport shops and pharmacies. Genuine orthotics are prescription medical devices which correct your abnormal foot function and minimize your foot problem

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