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Dr. Zuckerman is one of the pioneer's in the development of Fluroscopic
Plantar Heel Spur removal
. Patients travel from around the country to have this minimal incision procedure performed. Dr. Zuckerman has performed hundreds of these procedures with great success. All of these procedures are performed in his office without the use of sutures. A small incision is made into the bottom of the foot, where under the guidance of an x-ray camera, whereby tiny instruments are used to dissolve the calcification. The results above are just a small sample of the hundreds of successful patients that have been cured of this disabling condition during the past twenty years

Severe Bunion Before & After

This was done with minimal incision surgery. This is one of the hundreds of procedures that Dr. Zuckerman has done in his twenty years of practice. Notice the lack of long, ugly painful incisions. This procedure was done in thirty minutes.

Toe Spurs Before & After

All of these chronic soft corns were caused by a bone spur underlying the
corn. The patient had been suffered for years without relief. With minimal
incision surgery the patient's corn was cured. These pictures are over
twenty years post-op.

Before and After Hammer Toe Surgery

These are before and after hammer toe correction done by in-office
minimal incision surgery. There were no sutures, the patient took no pain pills, and the patient was back to normal activity that day.

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